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On April 2020 Gruppo SIGLA Srl and the CIPI, Interuniversity Research Centre on Computer Platform Engineering, whose members are the Universities of Genoa, Padua and Sassari, signed an agreement to formalize the already active collaboration and develop it further by creating a joint lab on Cybersecurity. Cybertooth laboratory’s activities are overseen and led by Prof. Mauro Migliardi, in the role of scientific manager.


Cybersecurity takes on an increasingly important role year after year within the activities concerning the entire panorama of research, industry and today’s society. The joint lab aims to deal with the various aspects related to the world of Cybersecurity, from applications and problems in the IT and OT field, to the Internet of Things, to Distributed Ledger and BlockChain, to the impacts on Software Engineering and the challenges for the development of Smart Cities and Industry 4.0.


This collaboration aims both to carry out research activities in this area and to activate virtuous processes of technology transfer and knowledge sharing, aimed at enriching the parties involved thanks to the constant dialogue between its components, involving technicians, researchers, students, managers. In addition, the lab aims to jointly participate in funded innovative projects and to encourage the creation of SpinOffs and StartUps also for the promotion of entrepreneurship for young graduates and PhDs.