The joint laboratory aims to undertake initiatives in the main cybersecurity sectors:

The initiatives undertaken by the laboratory, jointly among its constituent parts, have the following purposes:

  • carry out research of common interest in the sectors in which they operate, with the aim to develop basic knowledge and applications of an innovative nature and of industrial interest, considering eventual exchange and knowledge transfer among technicians and researchers;
  • train highly qualified resources.

Lab predisposes the following instruments in order to reach these goals:

  1. the activation of internships, research grants, post graduate grant, thesis, specialistics seminars and other training guidance initiatives, Phds, first and second level master’s courses, refresher courses and/or riqualification of professional workers, in order to help integration in professional world;
  2. the joint design of innovative services dedicated in particular, but not exclusively, to the area of teaching and students;
  3. the organization of courses, internal seminars, and national and international workshops on topics of common interest;
  4. the promotion and activation of projects, instructions for use, in the training processes of new ICT Technologies;
  5. the joint participation and/or with third parties in the promotion and implementation of the above programs (design, research, development and training), both nationally and internationally;
  6. the joint participation in European projects in cooperation also with other national and/or international research centres;
  7. the stipulation of research contracts on specific subjects;
  8. the creation of additional sections of the laboratory jointly with third parties;
  9. the joint participation to spin-offs and start-ups, with the promotion to Entrepreneurship of young graduates and phDs.